What is laxa?

Laxa is a custom osrs rsps that was built upon player suggestions and creativity. We have players contribute to the server updates by allowing them to work side by side with developers in creating new content. Laxa is hosted on a reliable dedicated server with ddos protection and lots of memory to ensure unscathed uptime and uninterrupted gameplay. Your mind will be blown by all of the custom items and their unique abilities that they have to offer. Laxa has a special prestiging system which makes skilling more enjoyable and rewardable. Just recently, we have released a custom Raiding Minigame System. The Raiding minigame also provides a Reward shop that contains very powerful items. If you are interested in the progression of the server, participate by providing us with your suggestions as to what kind of server updates you'd like to see, report bugs, and chat with the team and players.