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    • Comprehensive guide to Galaxy RSPS Created by: Lytsu   Brief Rundown This guide is a full comprehensive guide from when you first login to when you are ready to take on the World of Galaxy RSPS head to head. I will go through step by step on what is needed to get started, NPC kills, Pets and Upgrades, Home Npc's and so on. Welcome to Galaxy RSPS So, you have just signed into Galaxy RSPS, you have made the right choice Choosing our server to play 🙂 “What will I see when I first log in?” You will be prompted to select your game mode. Choose from the selected game modes: ⦁    Normal – Normal gameplay experience, access to shops, player trading. The general stuff you know? Granted an 0% DR (drop rate) boost. ⦁    Iron Man – An extra spice in life, Unable to trade with other players or use certain Npc's. Granted an automatic 4% DR (drop rate) boost, giving you better odds at receiving that tasty bit of loot. ⦁    Ultimate Iron Man – All the benefits of the Iron Man and the "perk" of not being able to use Bank 😛 - Granted an automatic 8% DR (drop rate) boost, giving you better odds at receiving that tasty bit of loot ⦁    Veteran Mode - Normal gameplay with a twist, access to shops, player trading and gain 1 upgrade Orb and PVM ticket per kill, except with a much lower Experience rate than any other modes, Granted an automatic 8% DR (drop rate) boost ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For guide purposes I will firstly choosing Normal mode. We are ready to roll! “Where do I start? What is going on here?!” Yes, well... It's a bit daunting on first login, full of custom stuffs around you that you havent seen before. What is this glorious looking gear? Glad you asked, this is your starter pack! This pack includes: ⦁    3% Drop rate Pet ⦁    newbie armor set ⦁    3 different style of starter weapons ⦁    50m Cash ⦁    4 mysterious box and few more stuffs in your inventory 🙂   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First thing First, what to do? For you to Get Started, your gonna have to get 50 killcount from ::tele1 or ::starter this will allow you to go to the next phase in the ::npclist, which the higher the tier your on, the better the drops. and yes... the kill requirement for the next level gets overwhelming, but as soon as you get gears, it wouldnt be a problem no more =p. Here are some of the Shortcut Commands for ::npclist ::imp  ::lord ::demon ::dragon ::beast ::king ::titan ::angel ::lucien ::hercules ::satan ::zues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, next up would be your pet, the 3% DR pet which can be upgraded using PVM tickets. PVM Tickets are dropped by most monsters in the server, it can be bought/traded from players too. Here are some of the Pets and how much PVM tickets are needed to upgrade them. the higher the pet level, the higher the DR you get from it. 3% DR pet to Scropion = 300 PVM tickets Scropion to Unicorn = 600 PVM tickets Unicorn to Bear = 1200 PVM tickets Bear to Wolf = 2400 PVM tickets Wolf to Gorilla = 4800 PVM tickets Gorilla to Vegeta = 10k PVM tickets Vegeta to Yoshi = 15k PVM tickets Yoshi to Charizard = 40k PVM tickets Charizard to Donkey kong = 100k PVM tickets Donkey Kong to Sonic = 200k PVM tickets Sonic to Mario = 300k PVM tickets Mario to Star = 500k PVM tickets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next is NPC location at Home. #1 Vote Store NPC #2 Donation Store NPC #3 Daily Reward NPC #4 PVM Ticket Store NPC #5 Boss Points Store NPC #6 Shops #7 Well of Goodness and Boss #8 Player Owned Shops + 1bil Bag Trader #9 Tier Upgrade NPC #10 Slayer NPC I would not of been able to produce all this information on my own. A big shout out to all the Players and Staff for helping me fill in the blanks I had. You all deserve just as much praise towards this guide as I do. I wouldn't of been able to do it alone. I love you all. Once again, WELCOME TO GALAXY RSPS, Enjoy your PVMing and Goodluck on Loots 🙂
    • I had asked a couple of people regarding Prayer Bonus without a clear answer. At the moment, I have earthquake helm/body/legs, these items have 400 prayer bonus each item. I've been wondering what the bonus actually does (if anything) as I could be gaining more benefit from other items.   My assumption would have been it reduces the rate the prayer points ticked (slower degen), I think this may be a question only Snz can answer.   Also, wasn't sure where to post this or even create a support ticket?
    • Pretty sure most of you have seen me in game, but hey im katherine. im half swede and half russian and yet ive spent 18 years living in england, so im british :) uh, im old, (its not relevant shhhh)
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