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  4. sdr - resigned due to inactivity skillzrus - put on hold til activity improves luner - put on hold til activity improves
  5. OPTIMUS PRIME HAS BEEN UNLEASED! Skeletal has been replaced by a new better and bigger Boss. The transformer protagonist himself Optimus Prime. He drops a lot of good stuff best items are as follows Optimus suit helm Optimus suit body Optimus suit legs AOE WEAPONS, BOSSES AND ZONES ARE NOW HERE! Meet Azure beast, Scarlet Falcon and Herbal Rogue. These new bosses drop the new set of AoE weapons and armour to go with it. These are the following rare drops. Azure Staff (Aoe) Azure helm Azure body Azure legs Scarlet Sword (AoE) Scarlet helm Scarlet body Scarlet legs Herbal Rouge (AoE) Herbal helm Herbal body Herbal legs What are AoE Weapons and what does it mean? The abbreviation AoE is with the meaning "Area Of Effect" to refer to the zone around a character affected by their spells, powers or other abilities; or to the area affected by a weapon. *Note* all AoE weapons effects only work for multi-combat npcs. ADVANCED INVENTION (GRANDMAX) & GRANDMAX PET A new tier has been added to the invention upgrade system. On this new tier the success rate is 100% but there are more requirements to make an upgrade. firstly you need a massive amount of upgrade orbs and then mystery items to make the new weapon you want too. The new grandmax weapons also have AoE effects. A new up-gradable pet has been added to the upgrading pets chain. This pet comes from a popular rpg. Adventure quest npc "Zorbak" he's a self taught Necromancer. Zorbak often says he is the most powerful necromancer in the world. To upgrade to Zorbak you need 750K pvm tickets. rightclick your previous bumble bee and upgrade-pet to Zorbak! Zorbak has 50% droprate bonus and 10% double drop rate bonus. OTHER BUGS & FIXES! All custom donator sets have been added to the game and fixed. Lottery has been fixed and now displays a timer A lot of Trivia answers have been corrected. Dialogues fixed for max button. a lot of other fixes that haven't been logged. Best regards , Emperor
  6. Hello Everyone! RZA Here. I want to give a brief introduction to how to get started in the Ultimate Ironman mode, focusing on tips and tricks I’ve found in my time as an ultimate Ironman specifically. Let’s dive in! So as an UIM you won’t be able to bank or trade with other players. This makes Galaxy very challenging and it can be hard to handle at first your inventory, but follow some of my tips and it will make your life easier and you will find ease at both skilling and PVM in Galaxy. PART 1 - STORAGE OPTIONS Your first priority as an UIM in Galaxy is focusing on inventory management and seeking out the few storage options in game. This means both keeping only what you strictly need in your inventory and using means to get increased storage space. To get increased storage space you can: - use collectors gear ($60 donation in donoation store) - Pack Yak (98 summoning. Don’t let this number scare you) The first is kind of self explanatory. You need to have $60 in donation credits from either getting in game through PVM etc. or through real life donations. This gives you a 70 slot bank, very useful for a UIM. Harder to obtain than the packyak though. Currently as well the storage is a little buggy so use with caution. The second, the pack yak, can be summarized as a portable extra backpack. You need 98 summoning and crimson charms to make the pouches. Each pouch lasts an hour and the BEST WAY to get charms for leveling summoning and pack yaks is the Earth quake world boss. It drops a summoning crate that gives 100 of each charm, which is enough to get past 99 alone with bonus exp from voting. Just make sure to save all your crimson charms exclusively for pack yaks. Some notes about Pack Yaks: -98 summoning - 30 slot storage -Can only store NON STACKED Items (such as weapons, gear etc. can’t put noted things in) -lasts 1 hour - CAUTION: If desummoned with stuff in it, all of it will fall on the ground nearby. - Portable. Very useful for skilling that requires a lot of slots. -Cannot use a pet while it’s summoned (making it less useful for PVM where other pets are much better) PART 2 - NOTING AND DROPPING A large part of the UIM experience is having your items noted, and dropping what you don’t need. They both go hand in hand to smooth out the experience. You can note and unnote items by using an item, such as say Monkfish, on a bank booth or banker. -Using a noted item or stack will unnote all of it for the space you have available in your inventory -Using a non noted item will note all of that item. This is extremely useful for having large quantities of a particular item in your inventory: food, herbs, skilling mats, multiple pieces of gear for upgrading etc. Dropping things can be done by right clicking and dropping an item or by shift clicking and dropping for large quantities of items it is easier to note at a banker and drop them all at once, saving a little time. You will drop most things regular players would just shove in a bank. For instance, gear that can’t be dissolved into orbs (reference starter guides elsewhere for info on this or ask me or help in game) you will drop. All those bows you fletch or things you Smith? Yeah you will drop those too. You don’t have the inventory space to store these random things. Play minimally and smartly to be efficient as an UIM. Right. Basics covered. I’ve talked your head off and you want to actually play right? Well where do you start? Easy, just follow these steps: -Vote daily. Use ::vote. This gives bonus exp (most importantly) and vote points that can be used at the vote shop for rewards. You want to use this bonus experience always or as much as you can. You should get around 5 hours of bonus exp. a day. Make it count. -Farm Farm Farm. Focus on herb patches and use the herbs you get immediately on herblore. These are slow skills, especially herblore. As of now the skilling shops for irons are non existent so you have to get all materials yourself. Don’t waste the herbs you farm just go ahead and make the potions and drop them. (Maybe keep the ppots and restores though). Herb patches take around 5 or so minutes to grow, and you do need to water them. - Knock out starter task book ASAP. This is your first priority. Do all of the tasks before In your starter task book BEFORE You do anything else (aside from farming of course and world bosses). This will not only give you some good starter gear and exp and get your oriented with the game, you will also free up an inventory slot from the book. -Do WORLDBOSSES ALWAYS. Keep an eye out for the information tab > world and events info> look at earthquake and everything down and keep note of when they are getting close to spawning. This will be announced to the server through the chat as you play and follow the instructions to teleport to the boss. You don’t have to do the most damage to get a drop, just some, and be sure to try not to die. This is a great way to get gear and items while you are leveling and progressing and never hurts to stop what you are doing and participate. - SLAYER & NPC ZONES : Post finishing up your Starter Task book you will want to start doing slayer immediately as well as working through the NPC zones going from Imp to Zeus. Both of these are important for late game PVM and also just doing slayer is great for total level and hopefully to eventually reach 120 and aim for max. They also give great rewards for skilling and PVM. To include some of the best gear in the game. That’s pretty much it for a solid start. From there you can focus on PVM, go for max (120 in everything except 99 in invention), focus on a specific skill or just do what you enjoy 🙂 Feel free to pm me in game: RZA, I’m always down to help and I’d love to hear some feedback and see some more UIMs in game.
  7. So I personally play an ultimate Ironman (Rza) and I am fairly new to the game. I will aay though ive played plenty of servers and osrs and I love Galaxy so far. The community is great and ultimate Ironman is challenging but fair. What isn’t fair though it seems is the severe restriction on shops for an ironman. I get being cut off from weapon/gear shops and even supply shops for food/potions. However, cutting off ironmen from skilling shops such as crafting, herblore, magic runes etc. severely hurts the overall gameplay as an Ironman in Galaxy. In my opinion the true test of an Ironman for a rsps is simply not being able to trade and having to do PVM on your own. essentially not participating in the economy. UIM Is just this restriction + no bank (for a while in Galaxy at least anyway). So I suggest allowing Ironman the same level of access to skilling shops that regular players get. Make it fair, fun, and instead of Ironmen having to spin 10k bowstring they can PVM and enjoy the fleshed out content of Galaxy that is so much fun.
  8. 3 things. Has the server been compromised? Talking about the "alternative" login screen when i tried logging on this morning? second. Is there any plans on running https on the website for increased security? And third. I heard rumors about mage being reworked in next update. Was that this update? Or a future update after this one? Otherwise really nice updates!
  9. SERVER UPDATE LOG 2020-02-25 NEW FREIZA ZONE Frieza helm has been added to the Frieza drop table. Frieza body has been added to the Frieza drop table. Frieza legs has been added to the Frieza drop table. Frieza clawz has been added to the Frieza drop table. Frieza boots has been added to the Frieza drop table. Frieza gloves has been added to the Frieza drop table. NEW CELL ZONE Perfect Cell helm has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. Perfect Cell body has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. Perfect Cell legs has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. Perfect Cell apparatus has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. Perfect Cell rifle has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. Perfect Cell teddy bear has been added to the Perfect Cell drop table. NEW BUU ZONE Perfect Cell helm has been added to the Super buu drop table. Perfect Cell body has been added to the Super buu drop table. Perfect Cell legs has been added to the Super buu drop table. Perfect Cell apparatus has been added to the Super buu drop table. Perfect Cell rifle has been added to the Super buu drop table. Perfect Cell teddy bear has been added to the Super buu drop table. LOTTERY SYSTEM We now have a new lottery system. In this lottery system there is a 10% tax on orbs. It costs 1 upgrade orb to buy 1 lottery ticket. Your odds are better if you have more lottery tickets. Winners are able to claim pot if they are also offline. TRIVIA SYSTEM We now have a new Trivia system. Every 20 minutes a random trivia question will be asked. 1 lucky winner will take the win and get a goodiebag. There are 100 random questions. Special thanks to The X File and skillzrus for compiling trivia Q/A NEW GOODIEBAGS We now have a new goodiebags. you get these from trivia and new bosses that were added on this update. OTHER BUGS AND FIXES. BEING POSTED SOON
  10. if there are any monsters missing comment here or pm me on discord
  11. Apply for Moderator. Before applying! - You must know the rules of our game. - You must not have any previous bans on record. - Activity You have to be active In-game for Moderator. - In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) before re-applying. ``` Server Moderator application What's your In-game Name? - Maxmagee Whats your Discord ID? - Maxmagee#7367 What Time zone are you from? - +0 GMT How old are you? - 26 How many years have you been involved in RSPS - since 2007 Tell us more about your self (hobbies, what do you do for living, what do you like/enjoy): - i am a computer programmer, semi proffisonal dancer, How often do you play Galaxy every week? - up to 18 hours a day Will you be online more if you are a staff member? - of course i always am anyway Give us 3 points on why you want to join the Galaxy staff team? - I want to keep helping people, new and old - i want to further expand the server - i want to maintain the friendly community we have Give us 3 points on why you would be a good fit for the Galaxy staff team. - i am always active and know how to deal with certian situations - i am already server helper and want to help more - i am always welcoming and helpful ``` Applying for if one opens up :)
  12. landen - promoted to support helper
  13. to start on an ironman you want to do ::start and go to training teleport or ::melee, ::range, ::mage warriors also drop full demonic and melee tickets mages also drop full mage gear and mage tickets archers also drop full leafy and archer tickets when you have teleported to rock crabs, warriors, mages, archers kill as many as you want pick up all the loot box's, pvm box's and crystal keys and pvm tickets this is the best grinding spot for ironman accounts beginning or end game purely for the supplies you can gather. if you want a quick pickup for orbs and pvm tickets get a loot device from the boss shop for 350 boss points. if you want a quick pickup for all drops you can get collectors set from donar store for 60 points each ($60 each) the collector set also gives you a chance at double drop rate if you want fast collection and chance at x3 drops collector II set will give you this but you either need to upgrade collector items rom the donor store or buy directly from The X File for a donation speak with him about price if you're an ultimate ironman you need the collector items to be able to bank. pvm tickets are used to upgrade your pets and will give you a higher drop rate persentage the higher you upgrade loot box's give - herbs - runes - pure essence - uncut gems all these items are useful for ironman's to level up other skills rather than combat pvm box's give - ahrims sets - karil's sets - dharock sets - staff of light - dark bow - abyssal whip all these items are upgradable they also give - guthans sets - verac's sets - torag's sets these items are dessolvable and good resource for orbs crystal key's give - $1 bond - chaos wepons (dissolvable) - vote scroll's - godsword shard's (dissolvable) - overload (4) - good for starting potions for ironman do not use at 70hp or below - scartch card (chance at $5) - pvm box - mystery box - antique lamps after you have had enough of those head to ::imps they have a change to drop you - progression box's - which give you gear from anything on ::npclist - orbs - impish gear - mystery box's - pvm tickets - elite dragon bones (good for pray and stack) working through the ::npclist is critical at the start of an ironman to get better gear and more orbs the higher you get the more orbs and pvm tickets that will drop you can also participate in world bosses and recive drops good chance at good drops bond drop locations - crystal keys ($1 bond) - bulwark ($5 bond) - goku ($5-$25 bond) - earthquake ($5-$25 bond) - swoodoo ($5 bond) at ::ezone - grand box's - scratch cards - over powered chests - frieza box's
  14. Weapons: Demonic Sword->Brutal Whip->Shikruu katana->Blade trinity->Hades Hammer->Hercules Scythe->Satan Sword->Execution Vitur->Zues Hammer->Maxiblood whip->Wrath Hammer->Corrupt maxiblood whip->Elder Maul->Emperor sword->Victory Hammer Armor: Demonic Torva->Avatar titan->Bulwark->Tetsu Armor->Hercules->Earthquake->Maxiblood->Hades->T4 Melee->Satan->Zues->Goku->Corrupt Maxiblood->Frieza->Execution->Max Melee Boots: Avatar titan->Execution->Hercules->Satan->Zues->Grinch->Frieza Gloves: Avatar titan->Execution->Hercules->Satan->Zues->Grinch->Frieza Shield: Indravox->Wing kite->Art's offhand->Hercules->Satan->Hades->Zues->Wrath Hammer Offhand Cape: Avatar titan->Art's Cape->Hercules->Lucien crypt->Satan->Defender Cape->Execution->Zues->Santa Sack->Owner's Cape Weapon: Brutal Minigun->Sorro Bow->PVM Blowpipe->Swoodoo Bow->Blastbomb cannon->Execution Blowpipe->Twisted bow->Archie Minigun->Corrupt Archie Minigun->Emperor Crossbow Armor: Nature Armor->Pernix->Sorrow Armor->Swoodoo Armor->Earthquake->Archie Armor->T4 Range->Goku->Grinch->Corrupt Archie->Frieza->Execution->Max Range Boots: Hercules->Satan->Swoodoo->Zues->Grinch->Frieza Gloves: Hercules->Satan->Swoodoo->Zues->Grinch->Frieza Shield: Hercules->Satan->Hades->Zues->Wrath offhand->Swoodoo Cape: Satan->Nature Cape->Swoodoo Cape->Art's Cape->Zues->Defender Cape->Execution Cape-Santa Sack->Owner's Cape Weapons: Chaos Staff->Skoll Staff->Brutal Staff->Icy Staff of Festives->Astrogun->Ganopurp->Art's Staff->Angelic Flamethrower->Titan Staff->MoonLight Staff->Corrupt Moonlight Staff->Flame Groudon Staff->Emperor Staff Armor: Arhim's->MageBeast Armor->Virtus->Ganopurp->Angelic->Earthquake->MoonLight->Goku->Grinch->Corrupt Moonlight->Frieza->Flame Groudon->Execution->Max Mage Boots: Galaxy Boots->Avatar titan->Angelic->Grinch->Frieza->Flame Groudon Gloves: Avatar titan->Angelic->Grinch->Frieza->Flame Groudon Shield: Hercules->Satan->Hades->Zues->Moonlight->Flame Groudon Cape: Galaxy->Art's Cape->Defender Cape->Execution Cape->Santa Sack->Owner's Cape Ring: ROW->Zerk Ring(Z)->ROW ii->Lava Ring->Art's Ring->Cursed Ring->Collector Ring->Collector Ring ii Neck: Impspawn Neck->Naturespawn Neck->Icy Fury->Angelic Neck->Shadow Neck->Royal Necklace->Curse Ammy->Collector Neck->Collector Neck ii Aura: SS aura
  15. fixed. Thank you for reporting.
  16. this is happening to me as well with my pvm
  17. 20200213_105758_370270503098442.mp4
  18. REMASTERED BOX LOOTS Remastered Pvm box Remastered Crystal Key loot Remaster Mystery box Remaster Super Mystery box Remastered Extreme Mystery box Remastered Grand Mystery box Added a loot table to Overpowered Chests (OP) Remastered custom key loot table Remastered Progressive mysterybox Added frieza saga loot table for Dragon ball saga Mysterybox Adjusted stats for groudon flame staff bumblebee pet is now untradable and unsellable. vote pet is now unsellable disabled dropping items in ::general decrease $ scrolls all over Added a few extra textures to cache director Joyx sword now has the correct weapon interface when wield removed loot device spam msg removes customkey loot spam Added robins csape Add a starter interface to help new players out. ::start Added an ultimate ironman collection box (for items collected from collector items) Ultimate ironman may now have an alternative bank holding up to 70 items *only* if they have a collector item. Removed god mode from owners cape. They will be getting an exclusive ::ozone later in the future. Lucky upgrade sets are now called corrupt. the donator set' are now better than corrupt sets. buff donator armour + weapons changed name of Force Priestesses npcs from yoda. Updated of over 300+ item values for dissolving. Upgrading items values have changed as well a few dragon equipment are now dis-solvable. fixed the start task saying kill 100 starter boss instead of 100 warriors. fixed bombast cannon stats removed all loot-box drops from all pvm drops. added more spawns to ::custom minigame Fixed raids with issues of npcs not being able to be killed. Added a randomize npc caller for raids. Every wave will be a set of different random npcs spawned not the same runs over and over again. Made progressive boxes stackable Made Overpowered chest's stackable Added frieza armour set. Added frieza pet (first, second and final forms) Nerfed master void ranger set Added bonus exp timer and god mode timer to bottom of client. when you die with god pot or level up, within the next minute it will go back to god status until timer is over. A lot more things were done but not logged.. Best regards, Emporer.
  19. hello i am not sure wether or not it is a rank on here or not but i am server helper on the server itself so if possible can i please be assigned that rank on here 🙂
  20. Nice guide. I think your numbers are off on the pouches though. I know the giant one holds 30.
  21. Running method: mine rune esscence until 21 mining then switch to pure essence this way is very simple click runecrafting skill to telemport to the runecrafting area buy a talisman from the magic store owner, right click the talisman and select locate and it will take you to that alter craft the runes at the levels shown in the table below AFK method: for this method you need to level 40 runecraft to interact with green energy source once level 40 you can AFK until 75 once you hit 75 interact with the yellow energy source this method is slower but will take you all the way to 120 for this method make sure you bring food because they damage you and it saves you from dying and having to teleport back. Other info: Runecraft Pouchs small pouch - level 1 - holds 3 essence - costs 400 coins medium pouch - level 25 - holds 6 essence - costs 750 coins large pouch - level 50 - holds 9 essence - costs 1.1k coins giant pouch - level 75 - holds 12 essence - costs 1.6k coins you will recieve energy fragments from the energy sources Energy Fragment Shop: RC hat - costs - 1.5k fragments RC Robes - costs - 1k fragments RC Skirt - 1k fragments RC gloves - 500 fragments The differnt coloured RC gear costs the same amount RC gear doesn't boost it is there for cosmetics.
  22. sassy3 - promoted to support helper s14 - promoted to support helper
  23. So I made a fairly detailed mock up of what I think a good interface for the Well of Goodwill could be. Currently the only interface is if you open the boss portion of the well, which works but also kinda broken. Here's what I ended up coming with, the two bottom options were placeholder ideas that I had. It's still a work in progress. my idea was to add a short description to the side of each option, though I'm having trouble with font sizes and having such a small window to work with. For an idea, when you choose the Global Boss option, you'd see the message: "Take on one of Galaxy's lesser adversaries, General Khazard. The other two idea were 10% bonus Droprate for an hour for 15Bil. As well as 2x special restore rate for 30 minutes for 5bil. If you end up reading this, Emporer, I have each individual asset saved to make things easier for you piecing them together when creating the interface. I have no clue if that actually helps or not, but I figured I'd be safe. thanks for taking a peek.
  24. 3% Starter Pets (|Dogs/Cats) 4% Scorpion 5% Black Unicorn 6% Bear 7% Wolf 8% Gorilla 10% Vegeta 15% Yoshi 20% Charizard 25% Donkey Kong 30% Sonic 35% Mario 40% Super Star 45% Bumble Bee For Pets Upgrades, you can check the Starter Guide in the Guide Section to see how to upgrade and how many Pvm Tickets you'll need for them. 5% Ring of Wealth 15% Ring of Wealth ii 25% Lava Ring 28% Art's Ring 25% Collector's Neck ii (Together with Collector Ring ii, x3 Drops) 25% Collector's Ring ii (Together with Collector Neck ii, x3 Drops) 5% Per Piece, Cursed Items ($25 ea in Donor Store) 5% Cursed Cape ($25 in Donor Store) 5% Cursed Spirit shie;d ($25 in Donor Store) 5% Demonic Torva for the whole Set (Boots,glove,Sword doesnt count, must have all 3 Pcs for the 5%) 5% for the whole Set (Shield and Staff doesnt count, must have all 3 Pcs for the 5%) 5% for the whole Set (Cape and Crossbow doesnt count, must have all 3 Pcs for the 5%) When you buy a Custom item from the owner, it will automatically have a base of 10% Drop rate and can be increase through money 🙂
  25. 1/28 I finished off 120 smithing and crafting today. I also mixed farming and woodcutting again and got them closer. I don't think I will max before the next double xp weekend, so after 120 woodcutting, I will focus on building agility tickets to use once double xp is in effect.
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