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  1. Fixed all the issues with Raids and Nex having problems. overided movetome to with teletome command for staff Each kill in ::event now gives you up to 5 pvm tickets, orbs or 1m tickets Each npc kill (globally) now gives you 1 of either a pvm ticket, orbs or 1m tickets All Npcs from imp zone all the way to zeus zone now gradually give you more and more upgrade orbs as you progress further down the zones. Changed the goku spawn message so its a lot more visible. Added stats to Royal hell necklace Changed coordinates to ::chill area Added commands for the 3 new starter zones (::melee, ::range, ::mage) Santa sack is now tradable Wearing demonic torva helm,body and legs together gives you a 5% droprate bonus Wearing nature pernix helm, body and legs together gives you 5% droprate bonus Wearing icey virtus helm, body and legs together gives you 5% droprate bonus Double afk boss now works. you get double the afk count and the afk ores Removed the command that let you do raids without requirements Removed victory hammer from general and skeletal replaced it with a new mystery weapon You can now sell dragon claws for billbags Fixed the stats for ankoue maul and demon maul Changed the price for supermbox in billbag shop Changed the price for collector ring and neck from 80 to 60. Changed the color of cursed armour to something more presentable Added 3 new donator weapons to the donator store (frozen rapier, frozen shortbow and frozen staff) Price checking a few items in donator store now tell you the specialties, will be adding this to more item values globally. Fixed collector neck ii it now gives 25% dr as well Refering a player now gives you 2 progressive boxes use the command ::refferal or ::refer ALL THESE ITEMS ARE NOW DISSOLVE-ABLE Scythe of virtus vesta chainbody vesta spear zuriel staff nuetron dagger full maleficent set (helm,body,legs) full bulwark set (helm,body,legs) chaos staff Serpentine helm royal neck
  2. Hey everyone and all my loyal players. I want to deeply apologize for my inactivity. First off my internet provider is a third party provider who have promised me a lot of good things but the service is the worse I've ever dealt with in my life. I had to go through a transition of completely getting rid of them. The second reason would be because of my brother IRL engagement plannings, the party/reception. The amount of family I've had to physically be around was draining . I will make a promise to get the server back on its feet. To everyone who has left I am sorry you felt that we're giving up because WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. We will continue to be online as long as we still have '1' person to support us. Thank you for understanding, once I am so sorry.
  3. the long waited max gear is finally here at GALAXY RSPS. The max gear consist of the 'best' melee, ranged and magic gears + weapons.Here is a break down of the armours + weapons. (wearing helm,body and legs together is 10% droprate bonus) (wearing helm,body and legs together is 10% droprate bonus) (wearing helm,body and legs together is 10% droprate bonus) Other bug fixes/Additions Fixed pathing for imps and lord zones custom slayer dungeons are now multi Added upgradable collector ring and amulet -Automatically loots items and consists of 25% Dr/ peice (wearing both upgraded collector ring and amulet you get X3 drops)
  4. Great set of suggestion ill be looking at some of these and I would love to hear what other have to say about these.
  5. We now have a fresh and new Universal teleport interface. We had to much of a mess with the teleports and the system wasnt up to date with other server. so i introduce you to Galaxy's new teleport interface! We have added new zones for starters to make it more simple to choose a path whether its ranged, melee or magic. Added new Starter melee zone + gear Added new Starter ranged zone + gear Added new Starter magic zone + gear fixed the General boss Fixed a few Raid bugs Fixed broken prices at cookie monster Fixed the broken Execution drop ratio from Raids fixed a back-end latency issue with textures removed broken textures from cache Nerfed Execution armours Added $scrolls back to events removed christmas event removed snow falling at home Changed the afk mine area . There is no longer a fishing spot. I want to keep it simple with the mine. Changed the spellbook interface now displays 'home' and 'teleports' boldly. Leafy armours + weapon is now dissolavable sorcers armours + weapon is now dissolavable. HAPPY NEW YEARS!
  6. raids has officially been released on Galaxy RSPS. Custom Raids is high-level group activity in which the goal of players is to get to the final wave of combat encounters. There are 10 waves of npcs in total. Raids works with grouping system. Hybrid Execution Set Execution Blowpipe Execution Vitur Dinh's bulwark Twisted Bow Elder Maul Other Bug fixes Goku spawn has been fixed. well of bosses has been fixed and now uses bill bags fixed disonnection issues with progression tasks (slayer) Changed the previous tbow in pvm shop to pvm toxic bow
  7. Update log 2019-12-18 RE-WROTE THIEVING. You now get additional items from thieving. Thieving is now a money making method for new commers added ::moneymaking command (gif is faster than normal speed) BILLZ EXCHANGE ADDED rich cookie monster. You can sell a few rare for billbags. He will buy for cheaper sell for higher. New Billbag shop is coming soon, stay tuned. AFK SHOP ADDITIONS Added a few cosmetics to Afk ticket shop Added inferno cat mask Added brown sheep mask Added haunted jack lantern mask Added Golden unicorn mask Added black frogmask Added Ray, Manta and Octo Mask. Added Hooker pet (worth 10M afk tickets) LOYALTY SHOP Added loyalty point shop located south of home. Added ice torva (please suggest more items OTHER UPDATES & FIXES Added 4 new titan spawns Added stats to SS-Aura and it goes to a custom item slot Added a message on General. Everyone can contribute it's a globalboss. Changed the spawn location for imps, lords, demon and dragon Added extra imp, lord demon and dragon npcs Changed the login message Added a ::updates command to open updates log Added a ::thread command so you can link players to threads with ease. Fractite demons respawn faster summoning charm box is now dissolvable Scratch card re-written if you get 2 of the same match you get a Free scratch card increased hp on donator spiders from 450 to 1K Added 12 new spawns for donator spiders Added a few new cosemetic items to afk ticket shop Added new pet 'hooker' to afk ticket shop reduced scratch cards to 50k afk tickets Added holy Elixor to boss point shop Fixed katherine cape re-wrote thieving. you can get upgrade orbs, pvm tickets, 1m tickets, crystal keys at a chance. The higher the thieving stall the better quantity the rewards will be. Added an extra ckeychest stall at home. Ironmen can now use the slayer ticket store removed the snow from inside the bank, had a few complaints.
  8. Lets congratulate our new staff promotions. K3R0Z1N has been promoted to Forum Administrator Superbeast has been promoted to Server support Lytsu has been promoted to Server support Sdr has been promoted to Server support The server support staff are trial promotions. Support applications are closed until further notice.
  9. Emperor


    We will look into security. There is nothing we can do when you use the same password on other servers. give me a pm on discord ill have you resolved and good post. we do treat security a priority.
  10. [CHRISTMAS EVENT] Updates 2019-12-08 Christmas Event: Christmas event is a new custom event introduced to Galaxy. In Christmas event you have to collect materials you get from Grinch. when you have enough materials you can combine them to craft new items. Each Items and limited time only and discontinued after new years. New Christmas event items Basket of Xmas (snowdance stand animation) Golden cracker (includes: Santa hats/ different textures and colours) Grinch pet (double experience) Christmas Mysterybox (Includes: Grinch armour set peices) Other bug fixes fixed the mispell on imp boots' they were imp gloves now shows the correct name. To enable vote boss attacking, server needs a total of 100 votes in total. Moved some npcs at home area. Added an extra crystal chest at home. You can now right click the crystal chest to 'View drops'. Moved the ::afk command location to the actual afk spot.
  11. Helper applications are OPEN Apply for Helper. Before applying! - You must know the rules of our game. - You must not have any previous bans on record. - Activity You have to be active In-game for Helper. - In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) before re-applying. Apply for Helper. Before applying! - You must know the rules of our game. - You must not have any previous bans on record. - Activity You have to be active In-game for Helper. - In the case you get declined you have to wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) before re-applying. ``` Server Support application What's your In-game Name? - Whats your Discord ID? - What Time zone are you from? - How old are you? - How many years have you been involved in RSPS - Tell us more about your self (hobbies, what do you do for living, what do you like/enjoy): - How often do you play Galaxy every week? - Will you be online more if you are a staff member? - Give us 3 points on why you want to join the Galaxy staff team? - - - Give us 3 points on why you would be a good fit for the Galaxy staff team. - - - ```
  12. Welcome K3R0Z1N (slain) nice to have your support. Means everything to me.
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    Welcome to Galaxy RSPS #1 Custom Runescape Private Server