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  1. Welcome K3R0Z1N (slain) nice to have your support. Means everything to me.
  2. Developement Blog 2019-12-03 WINTER THEMED HOME VOTEBOSS DROP CHANGES + DOUBLE VOTE BOSS Voting boss now has a better drop system. This time only 5 people don't get the drop. its everyone. Top 10 damage dealers but the best loot and the rest get contribution loot (which is still good). The amount of votes need now is 30 votes in order to attack vote boss. Double vote boss has been added to vote boss List of new items that are now dissolvable satanic full helm, satanic hellbody, satanic hell legs, satanic gloves, satanic boots, satanic hell-shield, satanic tokhaar-kal, satanic hellblade, ring of sauron (hell), zeus helm, zeus body, zeus legs, zeus hammer, zeus shield, zeus flagcape, electric gloves, electric boots, hades helm, hades body, hades legs, hades hammer, viggora chainmace, angelic flame thrower NEW EXORCISM SET (slayer reward box) we have a new exorcism set added to can obtain these from slayer reward boxes. List of new items with updates stats and abilities Noblelords scthe, lucky moonlight staff, moonlight staff, Other Fixes Goku pet drop bug has been fixed. Goku pet now contributes x2 for goku spawn system. All Satanic rare drops now annouce All Zeus rare drops now annouce Added a multitude of new items to Earthquake and goku boss drops. removed watch null drop from earthquake and goku Cursed set is now fixed. You can buy it in the donator store 1. Each cursed set piece give a droprate bonus of 5%. Ruthless ring now has a price set Fixed hercules cape model DONATOR SET CURSED ARMOUR prices have been fixed in the donator store DONATOR CURSE SET gives 5% each peice of armour. You can now reset your slayer task if you below level 20 slayer. You can now use universal axe to chop trees. Universal axe is the best axe. Added new upbgrade orb small pack (contains 5k orb) dropped by voting boss, earthquake and goku added new upgrade orb large pack (contains 10k orbs) dropped by voting boss, earthquake and goku removed grand lottery until further notices. added 4 new spawns to magebeasts THINGS COMING SOON... STAY TUNED! Christmas Event The Grinch set + boss custom raids minigun barrow rejuvination clue scrolls rejuvination vip slayer tasks vip slayer zone DONATOR BOSS 2 new donator ranks between $100 - $1000
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  4. Welcome to Galaxy RSPS #1 Custom Runescape Private Server