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  1. So, First motion as forums moderator I'd like to see what people want put up, do people want something like weekly events? (forums based) ingame based, throw your name in and be online at the right time (so pre-registered events). What kind of guides do you want to see on the forums? What kind of suggestions do people want in the suggestions sections?? [Pvm, Pvp (brought back), Duel arena working? Skilling, item stats, Discord suggestions, Forums suggestions,] What are some things you as the community (involving myself also) want to see? - Personally, I wanna begin hosting a monthly Voting type of event, where there is a different category a player can have their name voted into (maximum of 2 categories per 1 name). Example; Most Friendly Player of the Month: [name] Most Friendly Staff of the Month: [name] Biggest Gambler of the Month: [Name] etc, (more categories of cause). Ideas? Opinions? suggestions? guides? anything you want added forums wise, just comment below.
  2. Congratulations to the fellows climbing ranks, sad to see AoW go, and Ayman even if we didnt get along, sad to see you go. - Opt thanks for the opportunity to make the forums a better safer place. :)
  3. +1 active, helpful, annoying ;) and fun to know. Would be a great asset to the staff team, goodluck brother.
  4. 1. Desired staff position (Forum Moderator/ Server Support): - Server Supports \ Discord moderator (wanna fix some perms and stuff) 2. Your name (first name would suffice): - Braydan In-Game names though: Generic Male \ Braydan 3. Your age: - 18 years young. 4. Your timezone: - Australia \ Gmt + 10:00 5. Average amount of gameplay hours per day: - Monday-Friday (5-6 hours) Saturday-Sunday (10+ hours) - Some days may vary depending on what Im doing irl, [work calls etc] 6. Why you should receive the position: - I think I should receive the position of server support \ Helper. Yes I was recently muted, how-ever I dont tolerate the disrespect said player was showing to the community, and If I was staff he would've been muted and it wouldn't have escalated. I've staff managed for a multitude of servers, including one with 80+ active players [was mod, but i directed the staff manager cause I did not want a higher rank in-game] - So I know what I'm doing, I an fit and mould to any role seen fit, Ss, Mods, Forums mods, Discord mods, admins, etc. I believe I would be a perfect candidate to the position of server support, because I'm active, helpful, knowledge, pride, and I have a strong passion for good, what is right. Trust me ;) I'm not about to slack off, my natural instinct is to actually help people, in games, in real life, everywhere. - Part of being a therapist. ANYWAYS! Flipping back to what I said, I'm active, I can deal punishments where needed without needing to second guess myself, [read and analyse the situation]. Had the position a GREAT multitude of times, and I treat the position as a job. Try your best or not at all. {meaning you dont deserve it}. - P.s. Thank you if you read all that. 7. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted(yes/no): - - Yes, I understand this question and embrace it fully. - There should also be more questions, and guidelines set.
  5. +1 vouch, deserves it, knows what shes doing.
  6. I say what I see, majority of the time whilst I'm playing, I notice you log in, say WB (when un-muted), and see a moment latter you're 'afk' and never back. This is what I see, and I'm not 100% sure what other people see, how-ever as I said, this is my point of view, I dont dislike you or anything, its just need more consistent time inside the clanchat, yes there support\supportive(community) players, but it looks nicer being in it etc. but im a player, what do I know right?
  7. It should go like this, I love my man AOW but the inactivity is taking a Toll, Arrow needs to hire a co-dev (to pump out fixes and updates, we have already lost easily over half the community in the past 2 weeks for lack of updates\fixes). Yogi need to be promoted to administrator, or a person who knows how to handle a staff 'manager' position needs to be pulled in, to handle the staff. Staff needs to know their boundaries, and know where they sit, once a staff members punishment is set, another member shouldn't be able to over-step that, without consulting other staff (the one they are over-stepping, and perhaps a co-staff member of the same rank). o w l, yes whilst only being here a short time, and being staff even shorter time. His made the BIGGEST impact on the community in my eyes. He deserve moderator, or even straight promotion to administrator in itself. Chayman needs to pick up his activity, or stop logging in for 2 mins, than going afk. Stop leaving support cc to focus on pvming, if you dont want to do you job, step down and let another person who can do the job better, do the job. As for other staff, do they exist? Wolfe I haven't seen on since like... 3 - 4 weeks ago. I could go rambling on for a lot more than this, I could go on for pages. But thats all I'm going to say, I have no ill-feelings towards anybody mentioned, its just staff are required to be active. The community is getting reckless, tired, and bored. Which means more toxicity is thrown around the community, including myself throwing it around.
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