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  1. So I made a fairly detailed mock up of what I think a good interface for the Well of Goodwill could be. Currently the only interface is if you open the boss portion of the well, which works but also kinda broken. Here's what I ended up coming with, the two bottom options were placeholder ideas that I had. It's still a work in progress. my idea was to add a short description to the side of each option, though I'm having trouble with font sizes and having such a small window to work with. For an idea, when you choose the Global Boss option, you'd see the message: "Take on one of Galaxy's lesser adversaries, General Khazard. The other two idea were 10% bonus Droprate for an hour for 15Bil. As well as 2x special restore rate for 30 minutes for 5bil. If you end up reading this, Emporer, I have each individual asset saved to make things easier for you piecing them together when creating the interface. I have no clue if that actually helps or not, but I figured I'd be safe. thanks for taking a peek.