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  1. kamokij


    So after returning I knew there were newer updates, some much needed content (max tier) was added which is wonderful. Sadly (to me) some existing bugs were not rectified (at least not within patch notes) which was one of the main reasons I decided to quit before hand, the priorities aren't ideal from my point of view. As a developer you should priorities bug fixes over anything else (at least the major ones which do affect the game play experience, I.E broken items/prayer skill(s)). Each update is likely to introduce a new bug (developers are humans too) it is not wise to allow the bug list to build up, doing this would allow more time on quality updates and gets players off your back (and possibly encouraging them [Players] to continue playing) I understand developing isn't always as simple as you'd like it but I also know with enough determination, anything is possible. The next point isn't so much the developers fault (this applies to any game), once hitting Zeus on the ::npclist there wasn't a whole lot to do, players will always out-level/pace content.. but that causes boredom for players. Slayer got real boring real fast, plus if you got that one mob you wouldn't/shouldn't risk it while on a $10 pot. One last thing, communication is key, I don't mean being chatty with players etc, I'm referring to keeping your team in the loop, I'm not quite sure how RS PS's are run but I am part of a team for a different PS game and we use trello to collaborate, very handy for prioritizing and tracking tasks.
  2. kamokij


    I'll be sure to check-in again, I feel it'll be after Christmas now as kids break up for two weeks today, I hope the issues raised are addressed as the server it self is lovely and enjoyable.
  3. kamokij


    So I played, gave it a chance, gradually the server has become disappointing. I will give a little review of my time here. I started the server after not playing Runescape for a very long period, quite a bit of new stuff had come out so I had to learn some stuff. Defiled helped me a lot when I started, he was a great help but I couldn't help but think there should be an FAQ/guide some where (at this point the forums were down) as I don't like to badger people with question after question, I like to help myself first before asking for it. It was a struggle at times knowing what's what and that isn't helped when items display as having no stats at all leaving one to assume they are useless or simply cosmetic.. I've witnessed not once, but twice moderators arguing with one another (isn't a good sight for anyone), I've witnessed a player dish out abuse while applying for a staff position.. I don't know Snz myself, let me say I know developing and running a server is not easy but I do question his priorities. I've been around for 3 or 4 updates and each update has been wonderful content wise.. BUT, bugs reported have been 'forgotten' (they do get fixed or at least some of them) to me, that seems more down to his priorities being wrong, bug fixes (serious ones) come first no matter what you're working on. I also question the motive behind some items in the store, God potion for instance, $10 each, gives a very good boost BUT there is one major flaw with them.. if you die, you lose the boost, that is a BIG problem in my eyes. I will explain how that works for those insistent on being immortal with one, once the health boost has diminished (it doesn't take that long) you will be on Soul Split, if you are the main target for say Earth Quake or doing slayer (Sea Creatures) you CAN die in 1 hit (1200 hp POOF!) and there goes the boost, a good $10 wasted. I fully understand the server MUST make a profit (other wise whats the point?) but some things REALLY haven't been thought out. Anyway, other than the wall of text above, it was enjoyable, could have been better, thank you for the opportunity to play the server. Special thank you to Defiled who put up with my 1000000 questions.
  4. Some undocumented changes/fixes that I've found. Crystal Keys stack Invention Lamps work (those from slayer shop and other sources other than Zeus)
  5. kamokij


    You also have to realize that security is mostly down to yourself, very rarely is it a server's fault (unless very bad security, un-salted passwords and so on) You must take responsibility with your own security, use something unique, without a meaning, if it's allowed, use special characters but never use the same password especially on anything involving money (investment, purchase or what ever). RSPS aren't alone, there are many other private servers out there of other games where the same thing happens, learn from it and I hope others learn from it too.
  6. I'd like to introduce myself, my names Pete, I'm 32, I've played MMORPG's on and off since 1999. Runescape may not have been my first MMORPG but it was something unique that remained with me, I admit I wasn't a hardcore Runescape fan (was/is purely to pass the time), I played the official server in something like 2004, stopped playing for a long while and resumed my character at a later date. I played one final time shortly after Pest Control was introduced (oh that was so fun). I tried private servers many years ago but with them being fairly fresh there wasn't much to offer, especially in comparison to modern servers at least. I've been enjoying the game play on Galaxy, there are a few things that aren't going down well with me but I'm going to give it a chance and see if things improve.
  7. I had asked a couple of people regarding Prayer Bonus without a clear answer. At the moment, I have earthquake helm/body/legs, these items have 400 prayer bonus each item. I've been wondering what the bonus actually does (if anything) as I could be gaining more benefit from other items. My assumption would have been it reduces the rate the prayer points ticked (slower degen), I think this may be a question only Snz can answer. Also, wasn't sure where to post this or even create a support ticket?