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  1. Congrats everyone and welcome aboard!
  2. K3R0Z1N


    I apologize on behalf of the in-game staff, I appreciate your honesty even though you are leaving, the feedback you've left will be forwarded to the proper channels. I hope you eventually return to see if any progress has been made in those areas. ~K3R0Z1N~
  3. K3R0Z1N


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  4. Congratulations to our new support staff members! Keep up the great work folks. Your time and dedication is appreciated.
  5. Welcome to Galaxy Forums, I'm K3R0Z1N. I met SNZ ages ago on a server I was administrating and deving for at the time. So I joined along to watch and help with whatever he may need. Let's keep pushing Galaxy up those toplists!