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  1. Hi, Beemo here. Player/Npc pathing needs to be reworked. A single set currency would be better for the economy (not the combination of bill bags/orbs). ::setyelltitle Admin needs to be reserved. ::npclist -imps/lords needs to be moved. I've dealt with this same issue on my old server and there is NO FIX. Hardcoded textures for the built-in maps cannot be adjusted without serious editing, and is not worth the time. Just replace the zone from rs's barrelchest to elsewhere. Picking up items/attacking enemies is very frustrating at this location due to the invisible walls. Loading a new area has a 5-6 second delay - source issue I believe. IMO: loot boxes need better loot. Up to the the owner though, at the moment it seems like it just gives junk. Drop rates may need adjusted: It seems like it's far too quick to get some of the drops from npclist. Dissolve-orb ratio may need increased (more orbs per dissolving an item), again - up to the owner. unique pets that attack enemies may be a cool feature, or that give other bonuses. Bosses that require a special weapon to kill would be another cool feature. This was not made in an insulting manner, just some things that I think could improve the server. I know the owner/coder spend countless hours adjusting the server and I respect that. Best, -Beemo