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  1. Great suggestions lytsu!, I agree with ya 100%
  2. Server Support application What's your In-game Name? - Negus Whats your Discord ID? -Negus#8382 What Time zone are you from? - GMT-5 How old are you? - 19 How many years have you been involved in RSPS - Since 2009 Tell us more about your self (hobbies, what do you do for living, what do you like/enjoy): - I enjoy gaming, spending time with family, outdoors activities. I work at Dairy Queen which makes me familiar with helping customers/players etc... How often do you play Galaxy every week? -As much as I possibly can when I get the opportunity aside from irl things 🙂 Will you be online more if you are a staff member? - Of course I have a role to play which would be helping several people. Give us 3 points on why you want to join the Galaxy staff team? -I really enjoy the server it never gets boring 😄 -from when I started to now I’m very familiar with the server by asking several questions to staff, thanks defiled. 😛 -I enjoy taking things to the next level and the responsibilities that comes with it. Give us 3 points on why you would be a good fit for the Galaxy staff team. -I have 1 year experience as a server support and moderator on a previous server so I know the ropes of being a staff member. -I love helping people, it makes me feel good to satisfy someone’s needs in terms to questions, help, etc... -I am very friendly to everyone with a level head in all situations whatever they may be. ``` If you read this, thank you for taking the time to read my application and consider it 🙂
  3. so I recently upgraded my sorrow bow to a BlastBomb Cannon in hopes it would be better than the celestial titan staff and it wasn't, I still only hit 400s-500s with exucution legs, sorrow helm, and body. I'm a little confused on why I don't hit higher with a wep that's 50k-65k upgrade orbs haha :P hopefully I get some feedback on this thank you :)