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  1. Nice guide. I think your numbers are off on the pouches though. I know the giant one holds 30.
  2. 1/28 I finished off 120 smithing and crafting today. I also mixed farming and woodcutting again and got them closer. I don't think I will max before the next double xp weekend, so after 120 woodcutting, I will focus on building agility tickets to use once double xp is in effect.
  3. Not a lot of focus today, but I did knock out some of it. I started with a little agility with it being the bonus skill. I then did some farming and woodcutting together.
  4. 1/26 Double xp weekend was crazy. I made the absolute most of it and as a result am getting very close to maxed already. I ended up a little less than 200k from 99 invention. I have 6 skills left to get to 120. Mining, smithing, and crafting are all very close and shouldn't take long. Agility, woodcutting, and farming are all a little farther away and will be tougher without the double xp, but I intend to finish before next weekend. We'll see how that goes. Plan for tomorrow is to mix farming and woodcutting. Also, if anyone happens to spawn a bunch of generals, that could push me to 99 invention.
  5. 1/25 Did some serious work today. Finished off 120 thieving. Also added slayer and fishing to the 120s list. Also did work on the lower skills so now invention is the only skill not at 99 yet. Speaking of invention, I'm hoping it is the bonus skill tomorrow at some point because then I have enough lamps to get it to 99. If not, I'll need a few more, but I think I can get it done tomorrow either way.
  6. 1/24 I mostly worked on thieving and runecrafting as they were bonus skills. Runecrafting became 120 and thieving is pretty close. I had enough bones and then some to get that to 120 as well.
  7. 1/23 I focused on supplies build up leading up to double experience including adding herbs to vials of water. Also before double experience, cooking was the bonus skill, so I knocked that 120 out. Fletching was the bonus skill to end my day and with double experience of top of that, I was able to get 120 in that as well.
  8. 1/22 I finished off 120 magic. I did a lot of crafting when it was the bonus skill. I did a lot of slayer and supply gathering again today. At times where I wasn't very focused on the computer, I afked at falled star and evil tree. (Less than 24 hours until double experience!)
  9. 1/21 I got most skills to 80 or more today. I pushed slayer over 99, and added mining, fishing, cooking to the 99 list as well. I also got 120 in summoning, ranged, and plan to finish off magic tomorrow. A big part of the day was spent towards obtaining supplies for the long run of skilling. I can already tell this weekend is going to be big.
  10. 1/20 I started the day off getting all of my skills to 50 so I could participate in raids, which I did get a few games in today. After that, I focused on slayer a while in hopes of drops that could help with other skills. I have a pretty good start on skilling supplies from that. I finished the day on the skilling side of things and with the help of it being the bonus skill, fletching became my first non combat 99. (I've noticed you can edit posts originally, but once you leave the page, the edit button disappears)
  11. 1/19 First day Pretty straight forward beginning. Thieving and combat, but mixed in with some hunter as that was the bonus skill. Also worth noting, I got a scythe of Hercules from earthquake. (I couldn't find an edit button, so I made a new post)
  12. Title speaks for itself. Goal is maxing an ironman (all 120s, with the exception of invention, which needs to be 99, and dungeoneering) I will try to post an update every night before I go to sleep. 1/19 First day