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Price Guide (Updated March 7, 2020)

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Here are some of the Basic Prices of items ingame at the moment.
its hard to pinpoint the exact price but ill try to give you guys a price range of around how much items are.
P.S. some of it might be inaccurate due to personal reasons. (it all depends on the buyer and seller)

Almost all the items below will be Priced with Upgrading Orbs (its the Currency of the Server Atm.)





Abbysal Whip  500-1k
Tormented Whip  5k
Brutal Whip  2k-5k
Avenger Katana  5k-10k+
Blade Trinity  20k-25k+
Corrupt MaxiBlood whip  300k-350k
Emperor Sword -600k-1m+
Starlight Sword  500-1k
Lucien Axe  5k
Lucien Whip  5k
Nebula Whip  100k-uknown
MaxiBlood Whip  100k-125k+
Hercules Scythe 15k+
Satan Sword  35k-50k+
Defender sword  20k-25k+
Hades Hammer  20k-30k+

Zues Hammer 60k-80k

Demon maul 2k
Ankoue Maul 5k
Heavy Chainsaw 10k+
Art's 2h 30k+
Wrath Hammer (mainhand) 350k-500k+

Staff of Light  1k
Skoll Staff   2k-5k
Brutal Staff  5k-7k
Ganodermic Staff  15k-25k
Art Staff  30k-40k+
Corrupt MoonLight Staff 300k-400k+
Emperor Staff  600k-1m+
Celestial titan Staff  5k-10k
MoonLight Staff  100k-120k+

Groudon Staff 350k+

Kree'arra Crossbow  2k
Golden Minigun 5k-8k
Sorrow Bow  10k-15k+
None 30k-40k+
Corrupt Archie minigun 350k-500k+
Emperor Crossbow 600k-1m+
Imp HandCannon 500
Archie minigun 100k-150k

Execution Blowpipe 120k-150k
Execution Vitur 50k-80k+
Elder Maul 300k-450k+
Twisted Bow 200k+

Imp Armor  100 ea
Lord Armor  200 ea
Demon Armor 300 ea
Indravox Armor  400 ea
MegaBeast Armor 1k-3k ea
Malefecent Armor  3k-5k ea
Avator Titan Armor  2k-4k ea
Angel Armor 3k-5k ea
Lucien Armor 5k-7k ea
Hercules Armor 25k-30k ea
Satan Armor 30k-40k ea
Zues Armor 60k-80k ea
Hades Armor 40k-50k ea

Groudon Armor 150k-200k

Dharok Armor 100-300 ea
Karil Armor 100-300 ea
Arhim's Armor 100-300 ea

Gilded Armor   2k-5k ea 
Magebeast Armor 1k-3k ea 
Kree'ara armor 2k-3k ea

Torva Armor   5k-10k ea
Pernix Armor   5k-10k ea
Virtus Armor   5k-10k ea

Shiku Armor   20k-30k ea
Sorrow Armor   20k-30k ea
Gano Armor   20k-30k ea

T4 Melee Armor   60k-90k+  ea pc
T4 Range Armor   60k-90k+ ea pc
T4 Mage Armor   50k-75k+ ea pc

T5 Melee Armor   300k-350k+ ea pc
T5 Range Armor   300k-350k+ ea pc
T5 Mage Armor   200k-250k+ ea pc

Max Melee Armor   500k-700k+ ea pc
Max Range Armor   500k-700k+ ea pc
Max Mage Armor   500k-700k+ ea pc

Execution Helm 400k-500k 
Execution PlateBody 400k-500k
Execution Legs 400k-500k
Execution Cape 300k-350k
Execution Gloves 80k-100k
Execution Boots 80k-100k

Nebula Armor   75k-100k+ ea pc
Tetsu Armor   15k-20k+ ea pc
Archie Set   (unknown)
MaxiBlood Set  (unknown)
Defender armor    75k-100k ea pc
Goku Armor   150k-200k  ea pc

Cursed Armor (from Donor Shop) 200k-250k+ ea

Super buu Staff 100k-150k
Super buu Armor 200k-275k+ ea
Super buu neck 100k-150k
Super buu shield 150k-200k
Super buu boots 175k-250k+

Perf Cell Rifle 100k-150k
Perf Cell Armor 200k-275k+ ea
Perf Cell Cape 100k-150k
Perf Cell teddy 100k-150k

Frieza Claw 100k-150k
Frieza Armor 200k-275k+ ea
Frieza Boots 175k-250k+
Frieza Gloves 175k-250k+

Fury 1k
ImpSpawn Neck 1k-2k 
NatureSpawn Neck 2k-5k
Ice Fury 2k-3k
Shadow Neck 5k-10k
Art's Neck 20k+

Cursed Ammy 200k-300k
Collector's Neck 600k-700k

Collector's Neck ii 1.5m-2m

Zerk Ring (z) 2k
Ring of Wealth ii 7.5k-15k
Lava Ring 35k-45k
Art's Ring 60k-70k
Collector's Ring 600k-700k

Collector's Ring ii 1.5m-2m

Boss Gloves 1k
Emperor Glove 2k-3k
Art's Glove 10k-15k

Hercules Gloves 20k-25k
satan Gloves 30k-40k
Zues Gloves 60k-80k

Dragon Boots 500
Vixie Boots 1k-3k
Galaxy Boots 5k-10k
Art's Boots 10k-20k

Hercules boots 20k-25k
Satan boots 30k-40k
Zues boots 60k-80k

Groundon Boots 150k-200k

Impspawn Wing 1k
Tormented Wings 2k-3k
Galaxy Wings 5k-10k
Arrow's Cape 20k-30k
Hercules Cape 15k-25k
Satan Cape 30k-40k
Zues Cape 60k-80k

Groudon Cape 150k-200k

Defender Cape 150k-200k

White Knight Wing 5k-10k
Art's Offhand 20k-30k
Wrath Offhand  250k-300k+
Predetor Offhand 10k-15k
Lucien Offhand 3k-5k
Hercules Shield 10k-15k
Satan Shield 20k-35k
Zues Shield 60k-80k
Hades Shield 30k-50k

Groudon Shield 150k-200k

Swoodoo Shield 200k-250k

Crystal Keys 100
Vote Scrolls 850-1k
Pvm Tickets 1-2 orb ea

Afk Tickets 1 orb per 10 tickets
1b Bags 500-1k
Elite Dragon Bones 1-3 ea
Loot Box 5-10
Pvm Box 100
Myterious Mbox 150
Super Mbox 1k-2k
Grand Mbox  30k-40k
OP Mbox  200k+
Progressive Box 1k-2k
$5 scroll 50k+
$10 scroll 100k-120k+
$25 scroll 250k+
$50 scroll 500k+
$100 scroll 1m+
God Pot 100k-120k

 Supreme pot 35k-50k
Flight Pot 10k-20k
Coffin of the Dammed 10k-20k

Invention Lamps 5k-7k+

Slayer Lamps 5k+ ea

Speedy Pickaxe 25k+

Universal axe 75k-100k

$1 = 10k upgrading orbs

Halloween Cracker (unknown) priceless
Party Hats (custom) 85k-100k+
Halloween Mask (custom) 125k-175k+
Halloweek Basket (Discontinued) 175k-200k+

Christmas Basket (Discontinued) 175k-200k+

Goku SS Aura 400k-500k+

Grinch pieces 175k-200k+ ea

Santa Sack 300k-500k+

Victory Hammer 8m-10m

Victory Offhand 9m-10m

Custom Made items 5m-10m+

This is Not the Complete guide yet and its sitll on progress, i might be missing a few items on the list still and will be added in the future.
only made this to give some people the idea of how much they should be selling and buying stuffs.
in the end its all up to you guys on how much you wanna price something 🙂
i might have missed a couple of items here and there but please do tell me and ill try to add it on the list fo you guys.

thank you for reading 🙂


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