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Raid's Guide and Drops (updated March 3, 2020)

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Hello and Welcome to Lytsu's Raid Guide.


You will need 50 on all Combat stats and 50 on all non Combat stats to be able to raid. (except Dungeoneering)
If you meet the Requirements for Raids then you are ready to tackle it and get some juicy loots.


First things first, No Pets Allowed in Raids, so please take them off before starting (you cant start if someone has a pet on)

Above is how it would look like when you join Raids.
there are Commands Listed on your screen.
After you have Successfully created a party using ::createparty
you can right click on the players and click invite players
- if your not the leader, a red text will pop up on your chat, just click or right click it to join someone's party.

Note: it is recommended to have Soul split when doing raids and must be in a party (unless your strong/fast enough to solo)

There are a Total of 10 Waves for Raids
Here are the List of Monsters and Bosses you will encounter while inside (Random).

Rock Crab
Nature Unicorn
Frost Dragon
Dagganoth Rex
Dagganoth prime
Dagganoth Supreme
Floreox Bird
General Graardor
Commander Zilyana
K'ril Tsutsaroth
King Black Dragon
Supreme DarkBeast
Tzaar Ga'al
Ice Demon
Revenant Hellhound
Corporal Beast
Tormented Demon
Pestilent Bloat
Slash Bash
OLM teenage
OLM baby
OLM Boss (only on Final Wave)



Upon Finishing the Final Wave and Killing the Last boss, a key will automatically be added in your inventory and Teleport you to the Treasure Room.



Click the Chest for a Chance to get some Super Rare loots!






Here are the Possible Loots you can get from the Chest.
it will Usually Give you 4 loots one of them can be 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare or 1 super rares
and the other 3 loot will be common and uncommon.


Karil's coif
Karil's top
Karil's skirt
Karil's crossbow
Dharok's helm
Dharok's platebody
Dharok's plateleg
Dharok's axe
Arhim's hood
Arhim's robe top
Arhim's robe bottom
Arhim's staff
Verac's helm
Verac's brassard
Verac's plateskirt
Verac's flail
Guthan's helm
Guthan's platebody
Guthan's chainskirt
Guthan's spear
Torag's helm
Torag's platebody
Torag's platelegs
Torag's hammer
Amulet of fury
Amulet of glory
Amulet of range
dragon boots
mithril gun
granite helm
granite body
granite legs
dragon med helm
dragon bolts
rune bolts
rune arrows
runes (all kind)
herbs (all kind)
Logs (all kind)
Seeds (all kind)
Ores (all kind)
gems (all kind)
Abyssal whip
Staff of Light
Chaos Maul
Mystery Box
Vote box
1m tickets
Crystal keys
Restore Pots
Ring of Wealth
Fire Cape


General Chestplate
General tassets
General Boots
Magebeast helm
Magebeast body
Magebeast legs
Gilded helm
Gilded Body
Gilded legs
Kree'arra helm
Kree'arra Body
Kree'arra skirt
Demon Maul
Tormented tentacles
Kree'arra crossbow
skoll staff
Impspawn Wings
Impspawn necklace
Berzeker ring Z
Amulet of Fury Z
5 bill bags
Zara Lamp

10k upgrading orbs
20k upgrading orbs
50 bill bags
Galaxy Wings
Galaxy Boots
Dragon fire shield
Viggora Mace
Super Mystery Box
Extreme Mystery Box
Grand Mystery Box
Bando's Godsword
Saradomin Godsword
Zamorak Godsword
Armadyl Godsword
Torva helm
Torva Platebody
Torva Legs

Execution helm
Execution Platebody
Execution Platelegs
Execution Cape
Execution gloves
Execution boots
Execution blowpipe
Execution Vitur
Twisted Bow
Elder Maul
Dinh's Bulwark









There are Few Drops that are missing, as soon as Emperor gives the list ill add it right away.

or if ive missed something, feel free to comment it and ill add it when i see it.

thank you.



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