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runecrafting Guide 1-99, 99-120

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Running method:

mine rune esscence until 21 mining then switch to pure essence


this way is very simple

click runecrafting skill to telemport to the runecrafting area


buy a talisman from the magic store owner,

right click the talisman and select locate and it will take you to that alter



craft the runes at the levels shown in the table below


AFK method:

for this method you need to level 40 runecraft to interact with green energy source


once level 40 you can AFK until 75

once you hit 75 interact with the yellow energy source


this method is slower but will take you all the way to 120

for this method make sure you bring food because they damage you and it saves you from dying and having to teleport back.


Other info:

Runecraft Pouchs

small pouch  - level 1 - holds 3 essence - costs 400 coins

medium pouch - level 25 - holds 6 essence - costs 750 coins

large pouch - level 50 -  holds 9 essence - costs 1.1k coins

giant pouch - level 75 - holds 12 essence - costs 1.6k coins

you will recieve energy fragments from the energy sources


Energy Fragment Shop:


RC hat - costs - 1.5k fragments

RC Robes - costs - 1k fragments

RC Skirt - 1k fragments

RC gloves - 500 fragments

The differnt coloured RC gear costs the same amount

RC gear doesn't boost it is there for cosmetics.

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On 2/6/2020 at 4:11 AM, State Champs said:

Nice guide.  I think your numbers are off on the pouches though.  I know the giant one holds 30.

ty i will check my numbers again

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