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[MAJOR UPDATE] 2020-02-13

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  • Remastered Pvm box
  • Remastered Crystal Key loot
  • Remaster Mystery box
  • Remaster Super Mystery box
  • Remastered Extreme Mystery box
  • Remastered Grand Mystery box
  • Added a loot table to Overpowered Chests (OP)
  • Remastered custom key loot table
  • Remastered Progressive mysterybox
  • Added frieza saga loot table for Dragon ball saga Mysterybox
  • Adjusted stats for groudon flame staff
  • bumblebee pet is now untradable and unsellable.
  • vote pet is now unsellable
  • disabled dropping items in ::general
  • decrease $ scrolls all over
  • Added a few extra textures to cache director
  • Joyx sword now has the correct weapon interface when wield
  • removed loot device spam msg
  • removes customkey loot spam
  • Added robins csape
  • Add a starter interface to help new players out. ::start
  • Added an ultimate ironman collection box (for items collected from collector items)
  • Ultimate ironman may now have an alternative bank holding up to 70 items *only* if they have a collector item.




  • Removed god mode from owners cape. They will be getting an exclusive ::ozone later in the future.
  • Lucky upgrade sets are now called corrupt.
  • the donator set' are now better than corrupt sets.
  • buff donator armour + weapons
  • changed name of Force Priestesses npcs from yoda.
  • Updated of over 300+ item values for dissolving.
  • Upgrading items values have changed as well
  • a few dragon equipment are now dis-solvable.
  • fixed the start task saying kill 100 starter boss instead of 100 warriors.
  • fixed bombast cannon stats
  • removed all loot-box drops from all pvm drops.
  • added more spawns to ::custom minigame
  • Fixed raids with issues of npcs not being able to be killed.
  • Added a randomize npc caller for raids. Every wave will be a set of different random npcs spawned not the same runs over and over again.
  • Made progressive boxes stackable
  • Made Overpowered chest's stackable
  • Added frieza armour set.
  • Added frieza pet (first, second and final forms)
  • Nerfed master void ranger set
  • Added bonus exp timer and god mode timer to bottom of client.
  • when you die with god pot or level up, within the next minute it will go back to god status until timer is over.
  • A lot more things were done but not logged..

Best regards, Emporer.

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