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ironman grinding guide

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to start on an ironman you want to do ::start and go to training teleport or ::melee, ::range, ::mage




warriors also drop full demonic and melee tickets




mages also drop full mage gear and mage tickets


archers also drop full leafy and archer tickets

when you have teleported to rock crabs, warriors, mages, archers kill as many as you want pick up all the
loot box's, pvm box's and crystal keys and pvm tickets this is the best grinding spot for ironman accounts beginning or end game
purely for the supplies you can gather.

if you want a quick pickup for orbs and pvm tickets get a loot device from the boss shop for 350 boss points.

if you want a quick pickup for all drops you can get collectors set from donar store for 60 points each ($60 each)



the collector set also gives you a chance at double drop rate

if you want fast collection and chance at x3 drops collector II set will give you this but you either need
to upgrade collector items rom the donor store or buy directly from The X File for a donation speak with him about price

if you're an ultimate ironman you need the collector items to be able to bank.

pvm tickets are used to upgrade your pets and will give you a higher drop rate persentage the higher you upgrade


loot box's give

- herbs
- runes
- pure essence
- uncut gems

all these items are useful for ironman's to level up other skills rather than combat

pvm box's give

- ahrims sets
- karil's sets
- dharock sets
- staff of light
- dark bow
- abyssal whip

all these items are upgradable

they also give

- guthans sets
- verac's sets
- torag's sets


these items are dessolvable and good resource for orbs

crystal key's give

- $1 bond
- chaos wepons (dissolvable)
- vote scroll's
- godsword shard's (dissolvable)
- overload (4) - good for starting potions for ironman do not use at 70hp or below
- scartch card (chance at $5)
- pvm box
- mystery box
- antique lamps


after you have had enough of those head to ::imps


they have a change to drop you

- progression box's - which give you gear from anything on ::npclist
- orbs
- impish gear
- mystery box's
- pvm tickets
- elite dragon bones (good for pray and stack)

working through the ::npclist is critical at the start of an ironman to get better gear and more orbs the higher you get
the more orbs and pvm tickets that will drop

you can also participate in world bosses and recive drops good chance at good drops

bond drop locations

- crystal keys ($1 bond)
- bulwark ($5 bond)
- goku ($5-$25 bond)
- earthquake ($5-$25 bond)
- swoodoo ($5 bond) at ::ezone
- grand box's
- scratch cards
- over powered chests
- frieza box's

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