Better Ironman Shops

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So I personally play an ultimate Ironman (Rza) and I am fairly new to the game.

I will aay though ive played plenty of servers and osrs and I love Galaxy so far. The community is great and ultimate Ironman is challenging but fair.

What isn’t fair though it seems is the severe restriction on shops for an ironman. I get being cut off from weapon/gear shops and even supply shops for food/potions. However, cutting off ironmen from skilling shops such as crafting, herblore, magic runes etc. severely hurts the overall gameplay as an Ironman in Galaxy. 

In my opinion the true test of an Ironman for a rsps is simply not being able to trade and having to do PVM on your own. essentially not participating in the economy. UIM Is just this restriction + no bank (for a while in Galaxy at least anyway). So I suggest allowing Ironman the same level of access to skilling shops that regular players get. Make it fair, fun, and instead of Ironmen having to spin 10k bowstring they can PVM and enjoy the fleshed out content of Galaxy that is so much fun.

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