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UIM Tips & Starter Guide

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Hello Everyone!

RZA Here.

I want to give a brief introduction to how to get started in the Ultimate Ironman mode, focusing on tips and tricks I’ve found in my time as an ultimate Ironman specifically. 

Let’s dive in!

So as an UIM you won’t be able to bank or trade with other players. This makes Galaxy very challenging and it can be hard to handle at first your inventory, but follow some of my tips and it will make your life easier and you will find ease at both skilling and PVM in Galaxy.


Your first priority as an UIM in Galaxy is focusing on inventory management and seeking out the few storage options in game. This means both keeping only what you strictly need in your inventory and using means to get increased storage space. 

To get increased storage space you can:

- use collectors gear ($60 donation in donoation store)

- Pack Yak (98 summoning. Don’t let this number scare you)

The first is kind of self explanatory. You need to have $60 in donation credits from either getting in game through PVM etc. or through real life donations. This gives you a 70 slot bank, very useful for a UIM. Harder to obtain than the packyak though. Currently as well the storage is a little buggy so use with caution. 

The second, the pack yak, can be summarized as a portable extra backpack. You need 98 summoning and crimson charms to make the pouches. Each pouch lasts an hour and the BEST WAY to get charms for leveling summoning and pack yaks is the Earth quake world boss. It drops a summoning crate that gives 100 of each charm, which is enough to get past 99 alone with bonus exp from voting. Just make sure to save all your crimson charms exclusively for pack yaks.

Some notes about Pack Yaks:

-98 summoning

- 30 slot storage

-Can only store NON STACKED Items (such as weapons, gear etc. can’t put noted things in)

-lasts 1 hour

- CAUTION: If desummoned with stuff in it, all of it will fall on the ground nearby.

- Portable. Very useful for skilling that requires a lot of slots.

-Cannot use a pet while it’s summoned (making it less useful for PVM where other pets are much better)



A large part of the UIM experience is having your items noted, and dropping what you don’t need. They both go hand in hand to smooth out the experience.

You can note and unnote items by using an item, such as say Monkfish, on a bank booth or banker. 

-Using a noted item or stack will unnote all of it for the space you have available in your inventory

-Using a non noted item will note all of that item. 

This is extremely useful for having large quantities of a particular item in your inventory: food, herbs, skilling mats, multiple pieces of gear for upgrading etc. 

Dropping things can be done by right clicking and dropping an item or by shift clicking and dropping for large quantities of items it is easier to note at a banker and drop them all at once, saving a little time. You will drop most things regular players would just shove in a bank. For instance, gear that can’t be dissolved into orbs (reference starter guides elsewhere for info on this or ask me or help in game) you will drop. All those bows you fletch or things you Smith? Yeah you will drop those too. You don’t have the inventory space to store these random things. Play minimally and smartly to be efficient as an UIM.

Right. Basics covered. I’ve talked your head off and you want to actually play right? Well where do you start? Easy, just follow these steps:

-Vote daily. Use ::vote. This gives bonus exp (most importantly) and vote points that can be used at the vote shop for rewards. You want to use this bonus experience always or as much as you can. You should get around 5 hours of bonus exp. a day. Make it count.

-Farm Farm Farm. Focus on herb patches and use the herbs you get immediately on herblore. These are slow skills, especially herblore. As of now the skilling shops for irons are non existent so you have to get all materials yourself. Don’t waste the herbs you farm just go ahead and make the potions and drop them. (Maybe keep the ppots and restores though). Herb patches take around 5 or so minutes to grow, and you do need to water them. 

- Knock out starter task book ASAP. This is your first priority. Do all of the tasks before In your starter task book BEFORE You do anything else (aside from farming of course and world bosses). This will not only give you some good starter gear and exp and get your oriented with the game, you will also free up an inventory slot from the book. 

-Do WORLDBOSSES ALWAYS. Keep an eye out for the information tab > world and events info> look at earthquake and everything down and keep note of when they are getting close to spawning. This will be announced to the server through the chat as you play and follow the instructions to teleport to the boss. You don’t have to do the most damage to get a drop, just some, and be sure to try not to die. This is a great way to get gear and items while you are leveling and progressing and never hurts to stop what you are doing and participate. 

- SLAYER & NPC ZONES : Post finishing up your Starter Task book you will want to start doing slayer immediately as well as working through the NPC zones going from Imp to Zeus. Both of these are important for late game PVM and also just doing slayer is great for total level and hopefully to eventually reach 120 and aim for max. They also give great rewards for skilling and PVM. To include some of the best gear in the game. 

That’s pretty much it for a solid start. From there you can focus on PVM, go for max (120 in everything except 99 in invention), focus on a specific skill or just do what you enjoy 🙂 

Feel free to pm me in game: RZA, I’m always down to help and I’d love to hear some feedback and see some more UIMs in game. 

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